chefs for farmers

Chefs for Farmers is a fabulous new event happening in Dallas.  It is a celebration of local farmers paired with some of the top local chefs to create a 5 course meal with proceeds benefiting Brianne Denton of Blue Lotus provided the organic floral and eclectic decor for this event held at Eden's Organic CSA Farm and asked me to take some rockin' images for her. A LITTLE ABOUT CHEFS FOR FARMERS: From chefs, farmers, cheese artisans & ranchers to dishwashers and volunteers, we all share the same philosophy on how to eat and celebrate the world around us.  We believe in the importance of using local ingredients as well as the power of contributing to the community, and that is exactly what we do.  Without the hard work of our farmers & gardeners, we would be without the cuisine we enjoy on a daily basis. As the words organic & local are growing more prevalent, so is the demand from communities nationwide. The transition to locally grown food has helped provide support to local farmers, give back to our neighbors, and rekindle our love affair with great food.